Experience Unbounded Consciousness and Vitality

Transform Every Moment

Into a Gratitude Experiment

Create the experience you love in every moment

Experiences of Expanded Consciousness provide new perspectives, and new energy. How we integrate these experiences into our daily lives will determine the lasting effect they have on us and the people around us. Become part of the LucidMind community of open-hearted, unique individuals walking to path to wholeness each day, learning from every experience, and living in a state of wonder.

There is a Path without Fear

Free your mind, Open your Heart

Detox, Clear Addiction, Heal

Customised Cleanse and Detoxification Strategies

Ready for the Perfect Cleanse? Detox, Clear Addictions, Give your body the chance to heal on all levels.

Holistic Life Guidance

Achieve balance with transformative Life Coaching.

Holistic, Transformative Life Coaching and personal/spiritual development begins wherever you are, and takes you to the next level of awareness, expression, and purpose. There is no limit to the human consciousness or your potential.

meditation and yoga practicing at sunset

Consciousness Development

Experience mindfulness and self-realization.

Mindfulness is the foundation for all experience, providing the opportunity for choice in every moment, and the ability to embody the higher self within. Learn practical tools and techniques that are easily integrated into daily life.

Self-Realization and Mastery

Discover, Realise, Embody, the Unlimited.

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