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Executive Coaching

Conscious Leadership training and retreats.  Deepen your inspiration and embodiment.  Inspire and guide through example. 


Discover your Limitless Self. Retreats and Workshops for the True Seeker. Individual and group experiences in the US and worldwide.


Holistic Health

Address root cause and heal on all levels. Unleash the Source of all Energy within you. Clear patterns of limitation.

Life Mastery

Weekly Private and Group sessions, guiding you into the embodiment of essential being.

Free 30 Minute Session

Curious about the next step? Discover the essence, the essential, the one true constant. 

Transform Every Moment

Into a Gratitude Experiment

Create the experience you love in every moment

Experiences of Expanded Consciousness provide new perspectives,  creative insight, and clarity. How we integrate these experiences into our daily lives will determine the lasting effect they have on us and the people around us. Become part of the Lucid Mind community of open-hearted, unique individuals walking to path of mastery, learning from every experience, and living in a state of wonder.

Free your mind, Open your Heart

Join the Lucid Mind Community

Find yourself. Everything else will fall into place. 

homo-luminous awakening

Presence and Self-Realization

Present awareness is the foundation for all experience, providing the opportunity to embody the essential self within. Self-actualization follows -- embodiment of the realised self. Discover, within you, the most practical, effective path to your highest awakening.

Holistic Life Guidance

Calling all true Seekers...

Holistic Training in self-transformation and personal spiritual development begins wherever you are, and takes you to the next level of awareness, expression, and purpose. We are training the awakened leaders and teachers of our collective future. Find out why our unique programs are so successful. 


There is no limit to the human consciousness or your potential.

Discover what's next for you.

Detox,  AddictionS, TRUE HEALTH

Customised Detoxification and Cleansing Strategies

Ready for the Perfect Cleanse? Detoxify, Clear Addictions, Give your body the chance to heal on all levels. Cleanse yourself of pharmaceutics, SSRI's, SNRI's, ADHD meds, Adderall, and more. 

To Breathe is to Live is to Breathe. 

All is right here, just listen. 

They Say

" This was the most amazing weekend breathing and meditation retreat I have ever attended. Worth 10 years of therapy!

My entire outlook is changed and I have a completely new understanding of mindfulness and consciousness.

So grateful."

Dawn Harris


" Thank you...I keep wanting to thank you for the Breath Workshop and Energy Healing session but somehow the words seem quite inadequate. I hope you can sense the depth of gratitude behind my words and know how honored I am to have met you! I am excited to begin to learn and heal and to eventually give back!"



I began working with Matthew to work on my addiction to prescription medications. I have done this for over a month now, with herbal and nutritional support, and a few sessions per week, learning breathwork, deepening my spiritual practice, and healing on so many levels. I am no longer addicted to the prescription drugs, don't miss them at all, and have taken control of my body and my life. I had no idea how many areas of my life this work would touch! I am growing and healing in more ways than I could have imagined.


Conscious Investor

My celestial weekend guided by Matthew couldn’t have been more blissful. As someone coming into the weekend with some fears because of limited experience, I was nervous! However, I was welcomed with open arms and given comfort from start to end. I’m so grateful to have had Matthew as my guide. We explored redwood groves, enjoyed fresh baked goods, and were treated like the family we are. I particularly appreciated Matthew’s willingness to entertain my many inquisitions, teach breathing methods, and discuss many other ponderings of the universe. Having Matthew as my guide allowed me to cultivate the bravery to step out of my comfort zone, speak truly, and love without borders. I’m sure I’ll choose to journey by his side more in the near and far future.


Yoga Instructor and Sound healer

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Free 30 Minute Session

Free your mind, Open your Heart

Awakening and deepening the unlimited experience of consciousness, from the beginning meditator to the lifelong practitioner and facilitator.